Sauna Gent Badhuis Oase
Sauna Gent, massage, schoonheidsverzorging, aromatherapie Badhuis Oase


Which massage?

Massage in GentRugmassage, voetmassage en bodymassage in Gent


-back-massage : lasts 20 minutes and costs 25€.

-hand-and footmassage : lasts 20 minuten en costs 25€.

-body massage : lasts 40 minutes and costs 40€.

-a total massage (head, body, hands and feet) lasts 60 minutes and costs 60€

+ Aromatherapy : 7 €

Prices include towell and shower.
There is the possability to shower twice : before and after the massage.


Monday through Saturday from 10H to 18H.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates of an amount of choice are also available for our massages.
A succesfull gift in these stressfull times.

Lichaamsmassage en energetische massage in Gent